Posted by: James McDonald | October 30, 2008

London’s Earliest Snow in 70 Years

Gotta love global warming.

It is a sight not seen in the capital since 1934.

Londoners today woke up to the earliest snow cover for more than 70 years as a freezing blast of wind from the Arctic hit the capital.

Some areas of north London saw two inches of snow fall in two hours when temperatures hit zero.

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  1. God is good and humorous. out of all the stuff going on in the world,God sees this and oh this is going to be funny.

  2. I’m totally with you James…

    It’s just hard to appreciate your article while I am getting my A/C serviced today because it’s been so stinking hot in the central valley.

    I’m not quite in the mood to put on Reformation clothing…

  3. SNOW!! And I can’t believe we missed it. We hardly ever get snow in London, and the one time we get it in October, our family is in the USA.


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